Ed Grimley Does Toronto

So I put out word a few days back that, in order to better interact with my readers, I would open the floor to really enticing blog entry titles. Interesting ones that pull viewers in are sometimes hard to come by, and I thought that by having all of you contribute some crazy groups of words, it would be an awesome way to involve everyone in the process, and a challenge for myself. I mean, if you gave me some really whacked out title that was also quite intriguing, then I would just have to justify its existence by writing a blog entry that made it make sense.

And for something like the above title, you can see exactly how difficult that can be.

A reader named Len took to the challenge I issued by sending me not one, not two, but eight blog titles, and I plan to use them all eventually. This one was the first to jump out at me, though, for a few reasons.

1. I have no idea, musically, what the hell it means.

2. It involves a city that I love in a country that I love. Good time visiting, if you get to go….

3. The lead character’s name is an obscure reference that I am quite familiar with. If you don’t know who Ed Grimley is, then that will be my little treat for you in just a moment.

Before I sign off, though, I will once again implore everyone reading this to spend a second thinking up a cool blog title that you would find interesting and immediately click on, and then submit it to me in the comments section below. Even if it makes no sense to you when you think of it, give it to me anyway. I’ll work wonders with it…..I promise!

As for this title, I will take a mulligan, if only because of the existence of point number one (and influenced, I should point out, by the fact that I have less than 45 minutes left before I violate my “one post a day” deadline). But the rest of Len’s submitted titles shall not best me, nor any of the ones I’m sure you all will be contributing below.

And with that wink and nod behind me, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the singular treat that is Ed Grimley. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Ed Grimley Does Toronto”

  1. I believe this might make the music connection:

    “Whacked out” enough for ya? Can’t wait to see what you do with the others.

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